Please play responsible!
Regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the current situation in the world, it is very important to observe the security measures adopted in your countries, and also make responsible decisions for your financial security and soberly assess your capabilities.

Our casino cares about its customers and therefore we want to share important rules that must be taken into account in order to evaluate and, manage your financial stability well.

• Analyze your debts and loan obligations. Find out the amount of your required monthly payments
• Increase the monthly amount of your savings
• Think about your daily expenses and, if necessary, the opportunity to remove unnecessary costs
• Identify ways to reduce your money spending
• Come up with a spending strategy, including your future expenses
• Be aware of your attitude to risk
• Continue your education, develop additional skills.

Also plan your spending rather than gambling. Here are some suggestions:
1) You can set limits on bets
2) You can set a limit on a deposit
3) You can set a limit on losses

All this can be done in your personal account. If you have problems setting limits, do not hesitate to reach out to the support team for help. In case you want to shield yourself from any games for an indefinite time, you can also use the self-exclusion option for a current period of time or forever. Play safe and responsible!
Win more with Red Tiger Daily Jackpot feature!
Win more with Red Tiger Daily Jackpot feature!
Now there is a greater chance to win on a daily basis! The game provider, Red Tiger, have now added a Daily Jackpot Drop to their games which highly increases the chance of winning.
Catch your goldfish in a new Hooked slot!
Catch your goldfish in a new Hooked slot!
If you are a fan of fishing, this cool new slot is for you. Different types of fish that inhabit this slot are waiting to reward you with some wins. The game contains free spins, increases the chance of winning! Catch all 15 fish in a row and you will get a special payout award of 250x, 500x or 1000x depending on the bet amount. Try to catch all kinds of fish and decide which one you like the most!
How to safely make a deposit into an online casino
How to safely make a deposit into an online casino
Players are quite rightly concerned about security when depositing money with online casinos. No one wants to share credit card details with an unknown payment system and then discover large sums have been taken from their account. Therefore, how do you know your funds are safe and secure and that they can’t be accessed by hackers or other illegal activities.
How to attract luck in gambling
How to attract luck in gambling
Luck is the main word when it comes to the casino. Each player that comes to play believing in his own luck and typically each player has his own rituals to help him to win! In this article you can find out about some of the strangest gambling rituals and superstitions that maybe work… who knows?
Incredible wins in casino history
Incredible wins in casino history

The casino field attracts people because of its many opportunities to win. It makes people believe in Lady Luck, that their ticket or next pull will change their lives forever. Usually people only dream of instantly becoming millionaires, but in the real world there are a lot of truly inspiring stories of people winning the prize of their lives. In this article you will read about the incredible luck of people hitting the jackpots and making a mark in casino history.

Questions you can ask customer support
Questions you can ask customer support
Nowadays customer support is found on almost every online casino website. Usually players do not really want to talk to support or expectations of help are too high. In this article we will focus on the occasions when a player should turn to the customer support team for help.